LOVE Body Butterbalm 8oz


Made with Raw Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Pure Moringa Oleifera Oil, Pure Rose Oil,  Lime, Grapefruit Oil, Pine, Lemongrass, Bergamot and other essential oils that have complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It offers antiseptic properties that treat acne prone skin as well as provide emollient properties for relieving dry skin naturally. 


The body butterbalm in this batch have properties that are beneficial in maintaining flawless skin. This is a great balm to use, so that you are using products that work for your body and not products that have ingredients that can be counter active. The properties in this body butterbalm are also anti-inflammatory and helps to treat redness.Regular use of this natural balm can treat many skin problems such as eczema, skin allergies, frost bites, skin wounds, sunburn, itching, wrinkles, insect bites, fungal issues and more!


Rub into the palm of hands until creamy smooth and apply to your skin. Wash face at night and apply as a night cream too! For external use only

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