Made with Raw Shea Butter, Pure Moringa Oleifera Oil, Lemon, Lime, Sandalwood, Orange, Cinnamon, Bergamot, Ginger and other essential oils that will assist the body to break down sugars for energy instead of storing them for fat. The properties in this body butterbalm stimulates the circulation and will boost metabolism.


The body butterbalm in this batch have properties that are beneficial in maintaining weight-loss and burning calories. This is a great balm to use, so that you are using products that work for your body and not products that have ingredients that can be counter active. We've included oils like lemon, ginger, sandalwood and cinnamon that will stimulate the circulation and boost metabolism.Regular use of this natural balm can treat many skin problems such as eczema, skin allergies, frost bites, skin wounds, sunburn, itching, wrinkles, insect bites, fungal issues and more!


Rub into the palm of hands until creamy smooth and apply to your skin. For external use only

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